28 11 2007

Well, we all know that Domino’s pizza guarantees your pizza’s arrival in 30 minutes or they give you a free regular pizza on your next order. Let me highlight the word: ON YOUR NEXT ORDER. The catch is… you gotta get another pizza in order to get that free pizza cuz it says: ON YOUR NEXT ORDER. This is bloody con, I tell you! Now I hate my favourite pizza parlor (are they called parlor here in Malaysia?)

~:Von C:~
Planning to get my hairdyed pretty soon 😀


Sunday Morning! : )

25 11 2007

25th of November 2007,

Witnessed the first Indian riot. Was travelling along the highway towards Ampang to eat my breakfast when we saw many many Indians walking along the road by the highway. Around 5 buses were parked beside the highway along the way to the Indian temple in Ampang. And wow.. they are generously funded! The FRU (Federal Reserve Unit) were deployed into the area and the road turning into Ampang was closed. Managed to catch the FRU marched towards the crowd, armed with a transparent shield and a gun (which I believe shoots out grenades of tear gas). The FRU were impressive and very efficient.

Did a U turn going back to Melawati where we saw the road turning into KL city closed as well. KLCC was said to be closed too due to the riot as well. We were stuck in the jam for an hour. Here’s pictures of the FRU at the opposite side of the road on the way back to Melawati.

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

A video can be found at YouTube here

After that, Ho and I went to Jusco to lepak. Anyone realised that its exactly 1 month before Christmas? But they say that Christmas begins when the malls put their decos up. Meh, thats a highly debatable subject so whatever. Who would’ve thought I could find a bundle of joy with something as tiny and cheap as a plant? I named this baby, Santa Hope. Nothing says hope like a tiny plant could. Lets just hope it survives long enough til Christmas then I don’t have to get a Santa Hope Jr.

Free Image Hosting at <– In Ho’s car, driving down Melawati.
Free Image Hosting at <— In my room, after the pretty (cotton) snow base and pieces.

Next, I’ll add in a tiny Santa and my table Christmas deco is complete. Ahh contentment, finally!

Your…. … whatever!
PS: Ho’s the godmom of that plant 🙂

FiNaLs ’06 – TrIaLs ’07 Art Exhibition

23 11 2007

From the year ’06 to ’07, your great artist, VonC has sketched pieces of art during each exam paper. Now, she has decided to compile them and put an art exhibition online. Right here! Pictures are not arranged in any order, click on the thumbnails to enlarge it and the fullview may be a bit large. See ya around 🙂

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

You Artist Extraordinaire!


3 11 2007

Time taken: 6 hours (spanning from 1-4.30pm , 6.30-9pm)
Media used: 5B pencil, eraser, poster colours.
Physical demand: High.
Concept: Nature inspired with modern colors: Magenta, dark brown, white.

According to my horoscope today, (from

“This day could prove to be a mixed bag, Von. A warm and loving letter or phone call from someone far away could come your way, making you feel great. However, visits with people in your neighborhood could result in some confusing conversations. You’ll need to clarify some of the information involved so as to avoid future misunderstandings. Finally, you might be in the mood to be creative, but inspiration could well elude you. This is a day when your aesthetic desires are best met by studying the works of others.”

Well, when I read that, I thought to myself: Hey! Maybe I’m gonna write something cool today. But I didn’t know that creative meant all the wayyy creative. I was reading Chemistry today. And if you share the same middle name as myself :procrastinator, you’ll get what I was actually doing: daydreaming. So I saw my walls were pretty empty and I thought: wouldn’t it be cool if it had some sorta grafitti? *visualises* then I snapped out and said to myself: why not? *jumps and grabs pencil and started sketching*

Sketching process:

 (a bit small)

And 6 hours later:

It was a gruesome task and time sure flew by as I did the whole thing. Spent 6 hours listening to Spanish/Italian songs: Reik, Sin Bandera, Francesco Cespedes, Laura Pausini, Alex Ubago and followed by Frank Sinatra and Lounge songs.

My fingers are bright pink from the Magenta poster colors. The worst part about this project is the physical demands. You have to starve, hold your pee and not drink. Certain parts and stages requires a lot of bending. I think my muscles are harder than steel now! Sunlight and fresh air are luxuries when you decide to embark on this kinda project.

Anyways, it sure gave me a peace of mind and its a great experience to have. And I got to practice my control with the brush! All in all, its an awesome project.

~:Von C:~

 <– your beloved artist 🙂

And the end..

30 10 2007

I’m back! After the wreck! And I’m ready to crack and attack! WOO HOOO..

Your favorite blogger, (once known as Alexis) VONC is back!

For those of you who follow the series of Von and Swiss Cheese, the show has ended with a not so grand finale but a rather estounding one that could screw up your mind if it happens to you. For those of you who don’t follow, sorry, you ain’t gonna catch it back and this ain’t an episode anyone has on their TiVo. And for those of you who missed the last episode, god! I don’t want to repeat myself again.

Anyways, I was just doing my daily checks on the web and I stumbled across’s National Geographic channel! And guess what? They have been doing a feature video on real life VAMPIRES! I ain’t kidding, dudes and dudettes. You can check it out via the link below:

Vampires: Is it real?

There’s a few other interesting videos too. I especially liked the one on exorcism. However, I for one am not a fan of MSN’s video. It doesn’t allow you to load the video first before viewing. Both viewing and loading are done simultaneously. But its worth a check.

Neways, I’m off to start another series! Hopefully, I would be blogging more often and if I could pen down my emotions, I would’ve but I just can’t seem to pinpoint what the hell I’m feeling, why and shit. I just can’t identify and collect. Looks like there’s only one cure for that. PARTYYYY!! Sayonara, fellas.. Till next time.

~:Von C:~
Owh yes, whoever who said a writer who isn’t tortured enough can’t write, he’s DAMN right!

Losing and gaining.

25 09 2007

Losing something or someone has never been an easy task; especially if you have had deep emotional attachments to it. It gives you a lasting impact, one that would change your perception, your actions and your decisions forever.

I personally have experienced that loss… of a loved one..

My Puppy Dog, Murphy.

It saddens me as I type this out. This wound has left a scar. It was not fresh and if I recall clearly, it was around 6 years ago and the end of the Chinese New Year week. I was 11 during the time of loss.

As I arrived back at home, I dashed out of the car, obviously missing my dogs. I had 2 dogs at the time, one fully grown matured dog and another was that puppy dog of roughly 6 months old. With those 2 animals around, I felt like a mother; nurturing, guiding and teaching them. We had instructed a kind neighbour to feed my pets at home. As I dashed out to the gate, the older dog, Fido jumped at me and gave me a ‘I miss you’ growl which I gladly replied with a ‘I miss you too’ growl of my own. I was puzzled that Murphy didn’t care to join the party but I thought he would’ve been busy. It struck me that something was going amiss.

My parents caught up with me and unlocked the gate; cracking jokes about the dog. The gate unlocked and I was greeted with an assault by Fido when I entered the compound. After the whole celebration, I went to look for Murphy. I was bewildered and shocked when I saw what I saw: My puppy dog, lying on its side, its tongue rolled out. Blood was all over his which I suspected had come from his stood. Fire crackers were all over the floor and quite a few had signs of being gnawed on.

A mental image played in my head. My happy little puppy jumped and galloped. He attacked the remnants of the firecrackers and shook it around playfully. After he have gotten tired, he laid down with his paws claming onto the piece. Then he slowly chews off and eats it up. After that, he went off to lay himself by Fido. Days passed by and Murphy grew sicker and suffered. All those flashed through my 11 year old head. And I’ve come to realized that..

I’ve lost.. The puppy dog which I have grown to hate and yet to love. Murphy was a German shepherd mix. As a dog, Murphy wasn’t a very friendly one. It was stubborn and fiercefully protective. Many times, I had to discipline the puppy by threatening to hit him. It never worked and I grew frustrated of him. I remember that my rabbit escaped from its cage one day. Murphy saw the chance and being the hunter he is, he attacked the rabbit and the next day, I saw its body lying motionlessly, lifelessly in front of the door.

I couldn’t have hit him, I just scolded him as I mourn for the loss of a family member. As Murphy grew bigger, I grew more fearful of him. But the day I had lost him, I regretted all the way I’ve treated him.

I was stupid for thinking that my dog would one day conquer me and overpower me. In my defense, I was 11. I was devastated. It felt like life was empty and my vision was black and white. The cheerful, bouncy little child was no longer happy.

I started blaming myself for all that I didn’t do and could’ve done. “You could’ve sent him to some pet hotel to stay during the Chinese New Year!” “You could’ve been back home earlier!” “You could’ve stayed at home during Chinese New Year instead!” “You could’ve brought him along for the Chinese New Year celebration!” It was all the ‘you could’ve’s dancing in my brain. I was angry at myself and at the person who threw the crackers in the first place. I swore to get revenge on whoever who did it.

I’ve shed my tears for him for 2 weeks. Yes, 2 weeks! Everyday for 2 weeks! I was tired; I just wanted a way out; I never felt so worn out in my life before. Even after those 2 weeks, the thought of him would have easily have brought tears to my eyes. But eventually, I moved on. I realized that “he’s in the heavens above, playing cards with the rabbit” (quoted from my brother in his attempt to comfort me). I cherished the growing memory I had with him.

He was a cute, grumpy puppy. He got easily angry at me and wasn’t very well liked by my family members. However, 1 thing would’ve smoothed him. That was his weak point and he was so adorable when we have done it to him. It was a scratch on the chest. His face would turn mellow and his body seemingly to be made out of jelly. When we do walk bout, he would loyally follow after me. He had a super stamina and loves a good play time. He would steal from Fido’s food bowl and they would fight over that.

That experience made me grow. I grew stronger and I grew to understand how it feels to hurt. I learnt that we must let go of things. During the time of his death, many songs had managed to strike deep sadness in me. These songs, I would never rehear back unless if I feel like being sober. That song is ‘Have you ever’ by SCLUB7.

~:Von C:~

It’s all about compromising.

24 09 2007

“I REALLY REALLY WANT this dress..”
“But you’re way over your budget and you should stick to it!”

And those two voices play in your head like an Eminem rap (Or it dances in your head like a Bollywood movie?? lol!). I’m sure many of you have experienced these situations…NOT shopping dilemmas but.. The classical heart versus head battle. Yes, I’m talking about a wider field here that everyone I’m certain can relate to (whether or not your mom does all your shopping or you shop yourself.).

I believe that a person’s maturity is determined by the way he/she makes his/her decisions on which (the heart or the head) to compromise. It also determines what kind of person he/she may be and the way he/she is raised into this world. Personally, I would find a way to allow for both heart and head to reach a perfect unison. Immature, selfish, greedy… You may call me all of the above but if you don’t have to, why compromise? (Though after living for 16+ years, I’ve learnt that no compromise is virtually impossible)

So I just ask of your interactions.. Which situation in your life requires you to make a decision? and What and How did you compromise?

~:Von C:~